Technology Business Coaching

Better decisions == Success

As technology managers, we make dozens of choices on any given day, some with critical impacts on the business for years. My role is to help assess these impacts and reduce mistakes, guiding your organizations to a straighter path to success.

Tailored Technology Coaching ServicesTechnology Managers/Directors/Executives

The number of technologies required to operate an average business organization has grown exponentially in the past decade. The impact on decision support, security, operation costs and overall customers and investors satisfaction is more linked to your decisions than ever.

For many decisions, being able to bounce ideas, get an experienced and educated feedback on a problem or a potential solution might help you save time, money and improve your reputation as an efficient technology leader in your organization.

My services are efficiently delivered using 30 to 120 minutes sessions where we work on a specific issue. Work sessions are dynamic and flexible but they all share a common high-level structure to ensure you get the most value. Check out the services section for a list of specific coaching session topics. Generic sessions are also available, but the more targeted a session is, the more concrete the result will be!

Experience Highlights

  • 30 Years of experience in software delivery
  • Played all roles from developers to executive
  • Certified Scrum Master (2005)
  • Consulting Architect & Technology Strategy
  • Global Software Delivery (Canada, USA, India, Europe)
  • R&D Director (Software Innovation)

Risk-Free SessionsGuaranteed satisfaction or full refund!