BizTech Coaching

by Joel Grenon, published on 2021-03-15

Introducing my new coaching services concept, philosophy and spirit for 2021

After 4 years of hard remote work building a full Node.JS pratice for my customer in Chicago, I've taken a few months to think about my next challenges. With everything that happened in the world in 2020, I had a lot of time to invest in creating software, thinking about various issues I see in our industry right now and thinking about how I would contribute to my community. I realized that software has always been a real passion for me. I still remember my first programs and how I wanted to change the world, starting with a simple ugly game. But during all my carreer, I've always been frustrated with the tons of obstacles between me and my dreams. Software has the benefits of being flexible, of evolving quickly, but this flexibility left it behind in its maturity, compared to other engineering practices. Yes, we've all improved in how we understand the process of building software, but the sheer complexity of our ecosystem has always challenged and pushed our capacities to their limits. This is why I like software. Never a dull day!

I designed this service so that I could help any kind of organization solves issues and improve around software. After many years of consulting, I can leverage my creative strength and experience without having to be full-time inside an organization. Of course, the goal is to create long-term relationships, but with short focussed meetings instead of having to be on-site just in case a problem needs solving. So I'm offering a kind of service where you can bounce ideas about specific subjects, discuss your role, pain points, how to improve your software process, shed light on a critical decision impacts and how to be on the right side of history. My goal is not to solve all your problems (I would charge way more!), but to assist you in solving them, to add the weight of my experience and knowledge to your decision, to assess your situation and help you make the best of it. I want to work with humans more than I want to work with Git!

I've tried to make it as easy as possible to book a session. Every month, I will open some time slots in my schedule for one-on-one sessions and for a few group events (free and paid) that I will advertise in the coming weeks. You just pick an available slot and pay with your credit card and you'll receive a Zoom meeting link and/or a google invite (still in development!) My goal is to keep free time for new customers with specific questions and also to reserve time for a few long-term relationships where I will be able to dig deeper.

In addition to this coaching service, the rest of my time is spent on my new private equity fund, through which I'm actively funding and developing, multiple platforms and apps. All this is keeping me very busy, but the fun of still building software and companies is keeping me going, hopefully for another 20 years!

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