A quick overview of my personal experience in software development, architecture and management. This does not cover all business aspects like investors relationship, release/roadmap planning, customer management, remote agile development processes and many more situations where having experience might prevent costly mistakes.

Experience in Software Delivery
30 years
Roles in Software Delivery
Developer, Architect, Project Manager, Executive
Montreal, Canada; New-York, NY; Jaipur, India
Certifications / Experience
C/C++ (30 years), Java (15 years), Node.JS (8 years), Management (25 years), Certified Scrum Master (2005)

I have a strong worldwide network of experts in various other fields which can be involved when required for specific issues for a short period of time

Career Highlights

  • Focus on private startup fund and biztech coaching

  • Global architecture and process consulting in USA/Europe/Canada

  • Moving all customer and internal projects from Java EE to Node.JS

  • Agile Process and Architecture coaching

  • VP in charge of software delivery center (80+ employees)

  • Start working in Agile spirit (still no branding!)

  • First Java commercial project delivery

  • First Linux Kernel Build (Slackware!)

  • Rebuilt industrial app in C++ for Windows 95

  • First VC funding round

  • Industrial app development in C on Windows 3.1

  • Bought 1st Computer: Timex Sinclair 1000

Preferred Tech Stack

List of key technologies used in most of my initiated projects. I select these with a focus on time-to-market efficiency, scalability, testability, relative agility and maintainability

  • Node.JS

    A very versatile, developer friendly, productive development platform we can use everywhere from frontend, backend and devops tooling

  • Kubernetes

    The most advanced cloud native workload management platform. Perfect for various types of loads with good community support and tooling

  • React.JS

    Powerful functional component frontend framework. Favor reuse, separation of concerns and immutable state management.

  • MongoDB

    Schemaless document store with good JavaScript and functional query approach to support the most demanding use-cases

  • NextJS

    Good full-stack platform for React app. Give you access to per-page server-side rendering and full backend api support. This site is built with Next.JS!

  • TailwindCSS

    A mobile-first utility css framework providing a clean reset and everything needed to create modern web user interfaces.

  • Other Notable Frameworks

    These frameworks are often included in my projects: Rust, Deno, Substrate (Blockchain), Cosmos (Blockchain), RxDB, Vue.JS, KubeDB, KubeMQ and many more!