We provide a number of tailored one-on-one sessions to give you concrete and actionable advises

Book SessionTechnology Acquisition Coaching
Integrating new technology in your organization is the kind of decisions that will have impacts for many years. Discussing impacts like integration, onboarding, skills development/acquisition or evolution might be helpful to make sure you've covered the primary risks of this transaction
Book SessionInnovation Coaching
How can you generate more innovation with your existing budget? How can you inspire your team to innovate and help your organization grow? Discussing with a coach can help you identify key actions like process adjustments, government or other funding sources for research and experimental development, architecture transformation and other tactics that will increase the innovation throughput without increasing your operation budget.
Book SessionBusiness Relationships Coaching
Interacting with investors, customers, partners, employees or superiors has it's load of challenges. Talking freely about a sensitive relationship, identifying key actions to improve it can really help reduce your stress and improve your performance.
Book SessionTech Presentations Coaching
The difference between a good and a great presentation relies on small changes in attitude, content and practice. Going through your presentation with an experienced coach might help you identify weaknesses, improve rythm and improve overall delivery.
Book SessionBudget/Estimates Coaching
Estimating effort and costs in IT projects is one of the hardest things to do. Even worst when you have to do it in an Agile environment where targets are constantly moving. Going through your assumptions with a coach can help identifies under or over funded activities and adjust deadlines to match your team capacity and avoid delays that might negatively impact commercial activities.
Book SessionTeam Structure Coaching
Having the good mix of talent in a team, the right communication channels for the required level of complexity is critical to the success of any project. With more and more remote work, communication and process have never been so critical. Looking at your existing process to identify improvement actions is a good way to reduce your costs and improve your team performance and morale.
Book SessionAgile Process Coaching
Driving your projects using various feedback loops an adjusting as you go is really the only proven way to create quality software with today's complex technology ecosystem. A coach can help you identify key improvements, techniques and what metrics to measure to drive your continuous improvement process.
Book SessionArchitecture/Design Coaching
Assembling a modern cloud-native architecture that will be scalable, secure and will support evolution is not an easy feat. Using various techniques from functional programming to CQRS, micro-services and domain modeling, we can work together to create or improve your architecture to support reactive, real-time events scaling to millions of transactions per seconds. Our knowledge of open-source and commercial technologies will ensure that you pay only when you need to.

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